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Nice Cathedral - Source For Pick A Place

A place of historical and religious importance. The Nice Cathedral holds a history of more than three hundred years to it. The cathedral of the Diocese of Nice is an architectural wonder.

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Mont Alban Fortress
Mont Boron
Chagall National Museum
Valrose Park

Commune & Prefecture - Presence Of Nice City


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Best Hotels in Nice

Planning a holiday to Nice? Well, you need to know about the best accommodations to reside there right? We’ve got a list of options you would love to consider while looking out for accommodation while on your stay in Nice. We’ve carefully curated this list keeping in mind the comfort and budget factors too. Have a look:

Nice Pebbles:
A mere look at one of these so artistically crafted rooms will make you fall in love with this place right there! Subtle tones, use of complementing fabrics and colors to soothe your mind are a few aspects that would make you want to put up here. Also, the rooms are beautiful architecture wise too, with some rooms having attached balconies you surely would not want to miss!

Palais Saleya:
The newest hotel in town, this place has taken tourists and visitors by the storm. Owing to its modern infrastructure and design, a lot of people hop in for a comfortable, like-home stay here. Sprawling, luxurious rooms are the highlight here, so if that’s your taste, you can safely opt for this one.

The Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Mediterranee:
This is situated in one of the most prominent locations in Nice – the Promenade des Anglais. Offering you stunning views of the city, the strategic location of this hotel is what draws tourists here. Also, the staff here is warm, professional and courteous making you feel entirely at home.

Hotel Villa Victoria:
Another antique place that flaunts the architecture from the days gone by. A former guesthouse for the British, this place has a lot of English influence on the display. The gardens, the architecture, the tones and aura of this Villa will surely remind you of the grandeur and elegance of those days.

La Villa Victor Nice Hugo:
If exploring Nice is your agenda, this Villa fits in the bill perfectly! The exteriors of this Villa are so grand and illustrious that it does make you wonder how beautiful it must be on the inside! This place is antiquity mixed with modernity at its best, giving you a feel of Nice then and Nice now. And the views from here are breathtaking! Already have your mind on this Villa right?


Le Grimaldi:
The hotel stands true to its namesake – the House of Grimaldi, the current ruling royals of Monaco. The luxurious elegance of this hotel pronounces royalty in an obvious manner. Plush rooms, with lavish furnishings that perfectly complement each other, are few highlights here. Want a taste of royalty? Step in here!

Best of the Nicoise cuisine

Like the rest of France, this city is another place that is full of culinary jewels and a great place to visit with an exotic car rental in Nice. The Nicoise cuisine is subtle and makes use of unique ingredients to whip up even better dishes. So what are the delicacies that you must try out when you are in Nice? Let’s take you through the best of the Nicoise cuisine:

  1. Zucchini dishes:
    The Nicoise love using zucchini in their recipes – and hey, I’m talking about the Zucchini flowers here! Not that long, green zucchini! The bright yellow Zucchini flowers form a main ingredient in the Nicoise cuisine. The two main dishes whipped out of these flowers are – first, the flowers are nicely battered and fried. This is known as a beignet or the flower fritter. Secondly, the flowers are entirely stuffed with meat, flavors, other spices and are then baked to perfection. This dish is known as fleur de courgette.Zucchini dishes:
  2. Le pan Bagnat:
    This is Salade Nicoise with a twist! The Salade Nicoise is stuffed into soft bread to make it a tasty sandwich which you can quickly bite into on the go. The dough is whole wheat, and the stuffing is all organic too, making the Le pan Bagnet a nice and healthy munching option.
  3. La Daube Nicoise:
    This is another hit from the Nicoise cuisine. This dish is all about beef that’s tender cooked with a host of other ingredients such as onions, carrots, herbs, and red wine. Go for it when your tummy is growling with hunger!
  4. Porchetta:
    A whole pig that’s stuffed with meat, vegetables, spices, sauces and a lot of other stuff is what porchetta is. The stuffed pig is then roasted to perfection and then cut into slices when served. The various layers of tingling tastes that this dish comes with is just the perfect flavor burst in your mouth, making it a much-loved dish in Nice.
  5. Pissaladiere:
    A delicious tart that’s made of an unusual ingredient – caramelized onions is quite a hit in Nice! This dish is similar to pizza; only the dough is thicker. The caramelised onions are accompanied by black olives and anchovies as toppings. The distinct flavor of the Pissaladiere is what makes people throng to the local counters selling it!
  6. Salade Nicoise:
    A no-frills sumptuous salad, this one’s an A-lister in the Nicoise cuisine. Tomatoes, boiled eggs, radish, tuna, anchovies, black olives, and mixed vegetables are what goes into this tasty, filling salad. A must try while in Nice!

Appetizing enough, right? The only thing left to do now is to figure out where to rent a car and book appointments with the top restaurants on your list.

Coolest Bars in Nice

Holidays are all about unwinding, right? And is there any perfect place than a bar where you can totally relax and chill? So when on holiday to Nice, you would love to do the same – which is why we have come up with this list where you can totally unwind and have your share of fun and good cocktails too! So let’s get started with this list:

Au Fut Et A Mesure:
A bar with an interesting concept, this is a must visit while in Nice. Here, you don’t have to buy pints of beers; instead you have to pay only for the quantity you drink! They have a prepaid card concept and a lot of beer pumps located all around the tables so that you can help yourself with the beer you wish to sample and taste. And they have a variety of cocktails too! Cheers!

Cave Romagnan:
One of the oldest wine cellars of the city is located here. Along with the jazz and blues music played here, this bar is also known for its poetry recitals, art and photography exhibitions. Art and music lovers, take note – this place is perfect for you!


Master Home:
One of the most famous bars in Nice, this place is often thronged by both tourists and locals too. The vibe of this place is relaxed, making you want to linger around here for a longer time. The indoor seating arrangement here is very warm and inviting, so are the people! You can easily strike a conversation with a Nicoise here. The drinks too are perfectly complemented by food. The open rooftop bar and Happy Hour are some major crowd pullers here.

Les Distilleries Ideales:

distilleriesApart from the beers, the Charcuterie and the cheese platters here are renowned. You not only get to taste a variety of local and international beers, but the complementary food here is just lip-smacking. A tiny little bar, it’s always buzzing with people. They have an indoor as well as an outdoor seating – making it a nice little casual hangout place.

B4 Nice Plaza:
A rooftop bar, this place offers some of the most stunning views of the city of Nice. Whether you visit this bar in broad daylight or in the evenings when the sky is illuminated, you will have the best view of the city from here. Apart from this, the bar is a beautiful amalgamation of coziness, music, and cocktails. Make it a point to drop in here.


Interesting traditions in Nice

Every place has its own share of fun traditions and fact, and Nice is no exception! And if you’re planning got visit Nice, it would be best you’d be aware of these traditions and customs which the people in Nice revel in! Knowing a little about the place you plan to visit is always gives you an advantage and helps you bond with the people there better! So what’s the exciting stuff about Nice? Read on to know more!

The people in Nice love and adore the beauty of nature around them and they leave no stone unturned when it comes to celebrating nature! The Nicoise let their hair down and turn out in various colorful costumes when they celebrate the Return of Spring in the beginning of May. A host of music and dance performances are specially organized to welcome Spring back again. If you want to see the fun side of the people here, make sure you plan your trip to Nice somewhere in the month of May!

Nice Carnival:


The Nicoise also celebrate the Nice Carnival which comes in the second week of February. It is one of the oldest and most popular festivals in Nice and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and pomp. It is traced back to the Royals in Nice, who decided to celebrate just out of the blue with great food and music. The celebration was so wonderful that it soon spread across the city and is honored to date, known as the Nice Carnival.

Mardi Gras:
Literally translated into ‘The Fat Tuesday,’ Mardi Gras is the last day of the celebrated and renowned carnival of Nice. The streets are flooded with colorful streamers and music, and the vibe throughout Nice is totally festive! You surely don’t want to miss out on this day where both adults and children have the time of their lives spraying each other with colorful stuff! You won’t forget this day at all if you happen to make it to Nice during this time!

Nice Jazz festival:

jazz Festival

Jazz lovers here’s your invitation to one of the world’s biggest and most celebrated festivals that is entirely dedicated to jazz! Mid of July already calls for a prestigious national holiday – The Bastille Day and the Jazz festival coincides with the celebrations of this important national holiday too. The best of Jazz is brought right in front of you, and you won’t have a better experience in your entire lifetime!

Must visit locations in Nice

Nice is a country that boasts of a lot of tourist locations. So much so, that your itinerary will be packed with a lot of locations that will keep you enthralled and occupied throughout your holiday in Nice. So what are these places that make Nice so special? Let’s take you through a visual tour so that you actually have an idea before you plan your tour of Nice.

Promenade des Anglais:
This translates into ‘The Walkway of the English’ and is a hot spot for celebrations in Nice. Be it the Nice carnival or any other festival that the Nicoisans revel in; this place is always buzzing with activity. It spreads across a distance of 7 km by the sea in Nice, making it a perfect path to view the different shades of Nice spanning throughout the day and night. It is extremely popular among tourists. And if you love cycling, they’ve got an entire track dedicated to cyclists through the Promenade!


Garden of the Cimiez Monastery:
This garden has some of the most exotic plant species in it. More importantly the structure which was built way back in 1546 has remained untouched. The stone structure brings in a beautiful look. The climbing roses are mainly a star attraction here making this place a must visit while in Nice.

Collin du Chateau:
Also known as the Castle of Nice, this chateau was built solely to cater to military needs in the early days. Now, this has become a significant tourist attraction in Nice. The panoramic views of Nice from the top of this Chateau are what draws crowds here. It is a must-watch on the list of most tourists visiting Nice, so don’t skip it!

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral:
This Cathedral will definitely leave you spellbound! The pristine white color, the colorful domes perfectly crafted architecture are major attractions here. The church has quite a footfall, mostly of people who are admirers of architecture. Being orthodox, there are rules to abide by, and women have to cover their heads before stepping into the cathedral.

Palais Lascaris:
Home to one of the first noble families in Nice, this palace will give you a thorough idea of the historic architecture of Nice. The castle has now been converted into a museum and is now a major tourist attraction here. Visiting this place on a rainy day is even better, with the perfect vies against the splendid palace!

Started planning already?

Top Fashion Places in Nice

While Paris may be the fashion capital of the world, not many know that Nice too is a hotspot for fashion, clothing, and accessories. So when you’re in Nice, don’t at all miss out on shopping! Some of these places are where you can pick out high-end fashion statement clothing at cheap rates! Anyone in for joining us on this shopping spree? Read on!

  1. Ethnics:
    This is mini-India in Nice! You will find a host of accessories from India here – beaded, embroidered, colorful – it’s all here! So if you’re looking for something vibrant and chic, especially for the summers, you should give this place a visit – the colorful cotton fabric will surely help you make a style statement in the summers!
  2. Sinequanone:
    One stop for men and women’s clothing that’s filled with everyday wear is Sinequanone is for you! Casual wear that’s simple yet enough to make a striking style statement is what you will find in heaps over here. So if simple, elegant and chic is your style, make sure you get in here and set off on your shopping spree!
  3. Kilostock:
    A vintage store tucked away in Montpellier’s old town; this is the best bargain shop in Nice! You can find a lot of clothing for both men and women here at really cheap rates – and that’s because you are allowed to bargain! Particularly if you are a student or a traveler on a low budget looking out for some trendy wear, this should be your go-to place. Make sure you carry cash along, they don’t accept card payments. Happy Bargaining and shopping.places
  4. Coqueline boutique:
    All the renowned fashion brands across the world are under the roof of Coqueline Boutique. So just in case, you don’t have enough time to travel across to Paris, hop into this boutique which is home to a host of reputed brands. The interiors of this boutique too are exquisite and lavish, giving you a different feel altogether.
  5. Atelier 19:
    What are clothes without the right accessories? So as you purchase clothes from any of the stores mentioned above, make sure you hop into Atelier 19 to find the perfectly coordinated accessories for your clothes. Atelier 19 has a lot of trendy stuff in the store. The designs too, are unique and authentic.

There you go, a whole list of places for all you shopaholics!

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