Planning a holiday to Nice? Well, you need to know about the best accommodations to reside there right? We’ve got a list of options you would love to consider while looking out for accommodation while on your stay in Nice. We’ve carefully curated this list keeping in mind the comfort and budget factors too. Have a look:

Nice Pebbles:
A mere look at one of these so artistically crafted rooms will make you fall in love with this place right there! Subtle tones, use of complementing fabrics and colors to soothe your mind are a few aspects that would make you want to put up here. Also, the rooms are beautiful architecture wise too, with some rooms having attached balconies you surely would not want to miss!

Palais Saleya:
The newest hotel in town, this place has taken tourists and visitors by the storm. Owing to its modern infrastructure and design, a lot of people hop in for a comfortable, like-home stay here. Sprawling, luxurious rooms are the highlight here, so if that’s your taste, you can safely opt for this one.

The Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Mediterranee:
This is situated in one of the most prominent locations in Nice – the Promenade des Anglais. Offering you stunning views of the city, the strategic location of this hotel is what draws tourists here. Also, the staff here is warm, professional and courteous making you feel entirely at home.

Hotel Villa Victoria:
Another antique place that flaunts the architecture from the days gone by. A former guesthouse for the British, this place has a lot of English influence on the display. The gardens, the architecture, the tones and aura of this Villa will surely remind you of the grandeur and elegance of those days.

La Villa Victor Nice Hugo:
If exploring Nice is your agenda, this Villa fits in the bill perfectly! The exteriors of this Villa are so grand and illustrious that it does make you wonder how beautiful it must be on the inside! This place is antiquity mixed with modernity at its best, giving you a feel of Nice then and Nice now. And the views from here are breathtaking! Already have your mind on this Villa right?


Le Grimaldi:
The hotel stands true to its namesake – the House of Grimaldi, the current ruling royals of Monaco. The luxurious elegance of this hotel pronounces royalty in an obvious manner. Plush rooms, with lavish furnishings that perfectly complement each other, are few highlights here. Want a taste of royalty? Step in here!

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