Like the rest of France, this city is another place that is full of culinary jewels and a great place to visit with an exotic car rental in Nice. The Nicoise cuisine is subtle and makes use of unique ingredients to whip up even better dishes. So what are the delicacies that you must try out when you are in Nice? Let’s take you through the best of the Nicoise cuisine:

  1. Zucchini dishes:
    The Nicoise love using zucchini in their recipes – and hey, I’m talking about the Zucchini flowers here! Not that long, green zucchini! The bright yellow Zucchini flowers form a main ingredient in the Nicoise cuisine. The two main dishes whipped out of these flowers are – first, the flowers are nicely battered and fried. This is known as a beignet or the flower fritter. Secondly, the flowers are entirely stuffed with meat, flavors, other spices and are then baked to perfection. This dish is known as fleur de courgette.Zucchini dishes:
  2. Le pan Bagnat:
    This is Salade Nicoise with a twist! The Salade Nicoise is stuffed into soft bread to make it a tasty sandwich which you can quickly bite into on the go. The dough is whole wheat, and the stuffing is all organic too, making the Le pan Bagnet a nice and healthy munching option.
  3. La Daube Nicoise:
    This is another hit from the Nicoise cuisine. This dish is all about beef that’s tender cooked with a host of other ingredients such as onions, carrots, herbs, and red wine. Go for it when your tummy is growling with hunger!
  4. Porchetta:
    A whole pig that’s stuffed with meat, vegetables, spices, sauces and a lot of other stuff is what porchetta is. The stuffed pig is then roasted to perfection and then cut into slices when served. The various layers of tingling tastes that this dish comes with is just the perfect flavor burst in your mouth, making it a much-loved dish in Nice.
  5. Pissaladiere:
    A delicious tart that’s made of an unusual ingredient – caramelized onions is quite a hit in Nice! This dish is similar to pizza; only the dough is thicker. The caramelised onions are accompanied by black olives and anchovies as toppings. The distinct flavor of the Pissaladiere is what makes people throng to the local counters selling it!
  6. Salade Nicoise:
    A no-frills sumptuous salad, this one’s an A-lister in the Nicoise cuisine. Tomatoes, boiled eggs, radish, tuna, anchovies, black olives, and mixed vegetables are what goes into this tasty, filling salad. A must try while in Nice!

Appetizing enough, right? The only thing left to do now is to figure out where to rent a car and book appointments with the top restaurants on your list.

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