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Nice is a country that boasts of a lot of tourist locations. So much so, that your itinerary will be packed with a lot of locations that will keep you enthralled and occupied throughout your holiday in Nice. So what are these places that make Nice so special? Let’s take you through a visual tour so that you actually have an idea before you plan your tour of Nice.

Promenade des Anglais:
This translates into ‘The Walkway of the English’ and is a hot spot for celebrations in Nice. Be it the Nice carnival or any other festival that the Nicoisans revel in; this place is always buzzing with activity. It spreads across a distance of 7 km by the sea in Nice, making it a perfect path to view the different shades of Nice spanning throughout the day and night. It is extremely popular among tourists. And if you love cycling, they’ve got an entire track dedicated to cyclists through the Promenade!


Garden of the Cimiez Monastery:
This garden has some of the most exotic plant species in it. More importantly the structure which was built way back in 1546 has remained untouched. The stone structure brings in a beautiful look. The climbing roses are mainly a star attraction here making this place a must visit while in Nice.

Collin du Chateau:
Also known as the Castle of Nice, this chateau was built solely to cater to military needs in the early days. Now, this has become a significant tourist attraction in Nice. The panoramic views of Nice from the top of this Chateau are what draws crowds here. It is a must-watch on the list of most tourists visiting Nice, so don’t skip it!

St. Nicholas Russian Orthodox Cathedral:
This Cathedral will definitely leave you spellbound! The pristine white color, the colorful domes perfectly crafted architecture are major attractions here. The church has quite a footfall, mostly of people who are admirers of architecture. Being orthodox, there are rules to abide by, and women have to cover their heads before stepping into the cathedral.

Palais Lascaris:
Home to one of the first noble families in Nice, this palace will give you a thorough idea of the historic architecture of Nice. The castle has now been converted into a museum and is now a major tourist attraction here. Visiting this place on a rainy day is even better, with the perfect vies against the splendid palace!

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