While Paris may be the fashion capital of the world, not many know that Nice too is a hotspot for fashion, clothing, and accessories. So when you’re in Nice, don’t at all miss out on shopping! Some of these places are where you can pick out high-end fashion statement clothing at cheap rates! Anyone in for joining us on this shopping spree? Read on!

  1. Ethnics:
    This is mini-India in Nice! You will find a host of accessories from India here – beaded, embroidered, colorful – it’s all here! So if you’re looking for something vibrant and chic, especially for the summers, you should give this place a visit – the colorful cotton fabric will surely help you make a style statement in the summers!
  2. Sinequanone:
    One stop for men and women’s clothing that’s filled with everyday wear is Sinequanone is for you! Casual wear that’s simple yet enough to make a striking style statement is what you will find in heaps over here. So if simple, elegant and chic is your style, make sure you get in here and set off on your shopping spree!
  3. Kilostock:
    A vintage store tucked away in Montpellier’s old town; this is the best bargain shop in Nice! You can find a lot of clothing for both men and women here at really cheap rates – and that’s because you are allowed to bargain! Particularly if you are a student or a traveler on a low budget looking out for some trendy wear, this should be your go-to place. Make sure you carry cash along, they don’t accept card payments. Happy Bargaining and shopping.places
  4. Coqueline boutique:
    All the renowned fashion brands across the world are under the roof of Coqueline Boutique. So just in case, you don’t have enough time to travel across to Paris, hop into this boutique which is home to a host of reputed brands. The interiors of this boutique too are exquisite and lavish, giving you a different feel altogether.
  5. Atelier 19:
    What are clothes without the right accessories? So as you purchase clothes from any of the stores mentioned above, make sure you hop into Atelier 19 to find the perfectly coordinated accessories for your clothes. Atelier 19 has a lot of trendy stuff in the store. The designs too, are unique and authentic.

There you go, a whole list of places for all you shopaholics!

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